A Fully Decentralized Global Marketplace

Join the first community owned and directed platform that brings crypto and e-commerce together, enabling the mass adoption of a fully decentralized commerce ecosystem.

The THÉO Project will usher In the next evolution of digital commerce

Built On Blockchain

The AION blockchain is the infrastructural foundation of our marketplace that will introduce barrier-free entry, ultra-low fees, and trust to a new world of e-commerce.

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Embracing the Token Economy

The token will grow new & innovative forms of global commerce by offering utility: the ability to buy, sell, trade or invest your token for goods or services.

About token utility

Fully Decentralized

Transactions processed within our marketplace will be recorded on an irrefutable AION blockchain ledger.

How we decentralize

Community Owned & Directed

The THEO Project is establishing a global digital market. As blockchain users, we acknowledge the benefits of decentralization. Our governance structure will reflect this.

Why our community

Exchange Across Blockchains

The AION blockchain will pave the way in connecting blockchain networks together with Smart Bridge technology. Buy, sell, and trade in your coin of choice.

About Smart Bridges

The THÉO Project


A digital wallet and "passport" combined

Use Your Crypto

Store, spend, and invest your tokens and coins

Seamless Integration

Compatible with AION-based dApps, like Agora and THÉO

Easy Transferring

Interchange between investment, currency, & utility

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A decentralized exchange to trade tokens

Free Market Pricing

Set by an open market and those in it

Built to Scale

Expandable via AION blockchain

Made for Everyone

Intuitive token trading - click & go

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An e-commerce platform where tokens unlock purchasing power

Go Global

Buy and sell with others around the world in an open market

Integrated Trust

Recorded on the blockchain you can transact with peace of mind

Token = Value

Put your tokens to use by purchasing goods and services

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Where The THÉO
Project is Headed
Say Hello to AION

Dec. 2018 - Testnet Launch

Join us for the alpha launch of The THÉO Project. We're excited to introduce our suite of products built on the AION blockchain. Here’s what’s available in our Testnet Launch.


⟶ Trade tokens via pairs with AION, the defunct cash that will create a stable currency in our commerce ecosystem


⟶ Store AION coins and tokens in a mobile & desktop wallet that can be exchanged via Agora

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⟶ Interact with AION based dApps, including Agora with a Google Chrome plugin

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